Guidelines and Policies

Museum Guidelines

In order to have the best possible experience at the Children’s Museum, we suggest:

  • Keep grown-ups with you at all times
  • Use inside voices
  • No running
  • Pick up toys before leaving exhibits
  • Keep shoes on at all times except when playing in the Sunshine Area
  • No food or drinks outside of the Dino Diner, Party Room, and Great Outdoor Discovery Area
  • Please note that we are not a drop-off center or childcare facility. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, including in the Great Outdoor Discovery Area

Rule Enforcement Policy

It is our goal to provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment for everyone who comes to the Children’s Museum. Below is our policy for children disrupting others or not following the rules which are on view at each end of the museum (entrance and farm exhibit).

  • 1st Occurrence: A verbal warning is given to the child and reminded of the rule being broken.
  • 2nd Occurrence: The child is taken to the rules sign at either end of the museum and the rules are read aloud to them.
  • 3rd Occurrence: The child is taken to their parent and the situation is discussed together.
  • 4th Occurrence:   The child is asked to sit out at the front of the museum for a time based on the severity of the infraction.