Lonnie the Lung

lungs_fullOur newest program brings a part of the museum into the classroom. Lonnie the Lung, our MEGA Lungs program, is geared toward fourth graders and allows students to walk through our 8-foot inflatable lung. We separate a class into two sections: one where we use the MEGA Lungs to discuss lung health and diseases, and the other in the classroom where we discuss the anatomy of the lung.

This program is an excellent way to discuss the importance of lungs as well as the dangers of smoking. We also talk about common lung problems like allergies and asthma and what causes them. Lonnie the Lung has made a large impact on the students who have seen it. Contact us for more information on how we can bring Lonnie to your school!

Download our MEGA Lung Flyer.

To schedule the MEGA Lung program for your school, call the Museum at 903-886-6055 or contact the Director at [email protected].