Educational Programs

Beginning with the preschool years, the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum offers educational programs to support the learning opportunities for the area.

  • Healthy Kids from A to Z is a program open to three to five-year-olds in the spring and fall. The program will be offered in eight week sessions with each session introducing a letter of the alphabet and activities and crafts to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Mothers will have an opportunity to socialize each week and attend programs for maintaining a healthy family. Children may play in the museum after each class. These classes are sponsored by the Hunt Regional Healthcare.
    The next Healthy Kids session will start with the letter “I” and is scheduled for January 11 – March 1, 2017. 
  • Dino Math is a program offered each October that is designed to support the teaching of math in third grade. The program consists of four lessons that concentrate on measurement, a concept considered difficult for students statewide.
  • Weird Science is a program offered at the beginning of February for fifth graders. The science program supports the teaching of fourteen of the elements of the Essential Knowledge and Skills on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills taken by every student in the State. Almost 1,000 students participate in the program.

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